The Last Hours snippet

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Vi fick även ett citat från bokserien The Last Hour som ju utspelar sig tiden efter The Infernal Devices. Här rör det sig om tankar runt dansen vals och karaktärerna James och Cordelia.

James and Matthew separated, Matthew to dance with Lucie, and James to speak to his parents. Cordelia saw them glance over toward her and looked away quickly; still, she was not at all surprised when James appeared a moment later in front of her, flashing a smile at his aunt and uncle.

“Miss Carstairs,” he said, with a slight bow in Cordelia’s direction. “Would you favor me with this dance?”

“It’s a waltz,” said Cordelia’s mother, before Cordelia could speak. “My daughter does not know how to waltz.”

Cordelia bit her lip. She certainly knew how to dance: her mother had engaged an expert instructor to teach her the quadrille and the lancer, the stately minuet and the cotilion. But the waltz was a seductive dance, one where you could feel your partner’s body against yours, scandalous when it had first become popular.

She very much wanted to waltz with James.

TLH CordeliaTHL James

Recently we were also treated to a snippet from the book series The Last Hour– taking place after The Infernal Devices. This quote revolvs around James and Cordelia.

Beautiful illustration by Cassandra Jean


På begäran lade Cassandra ut ett citat från den kommande Lady Midnight. Ett lite sexigt citat så där, vi får inte veta vilka karaktärer det gäller.

She clutched at him, at his shoulders, his sides, her fingers digging into his skin, dragging him harder against her. He gasped into her mouth when she reached down to grab his soaking wet shirt and tore it up over his head. Her knees came up to clasp his hips and he shuddered, once, as if he were going to break.

Lady Midnight

As requested by a fan, Cassandra posted this snippet from the upcoming Lady Midnight. We don’t get to know what characters are involved in this hot action.

En helt ny hemsida är släppt av Shadowhunters TV. Här kan man se set bilder, läsa om skådespelarna och se smygtittar på TV setet! Följ bara länken! ShadowhuntersTV

Website TMITV

Go to brand new official Shadowhunters TV site for information about the cast, pictures, set videos and more!

Link here: ShadowhuntersTV

Jo jag blev överaskad, på ett positivt sätt när jag läste Järnprovet. Precis som Holly Black och Cassandra Clare ville att läsaren skulle bli. Nu släpps omslaget för den andra delen i Magisterium, The Copper Gauntlet (ung handske tillhörande en rustning, i koppar). Totalt är fem böcker planerade. Vad tycker ni?


Yes I was suprised, in a good way, when I read The Iron Trial, just like Holly Black and Cassandra Clare intended. Now we get to see the cover for the nex book in the Magisterium series. The Copper Gauntlet is the second book of five planned in this series. What do you think?

copper gauntlet

Shadowhunters, the cast

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Okey, jag sa för flera dagar sedan att jag skulle lägga upp bilder på de skådespelare som blivit tillsatta i rollerna i ABC Familys kommande TV serie Shadowhunters. Så nu kommer de!

So I told you several days ago I’d post all the actors that has been cast in the upcoming TV series Shadowhunters. Here we go!

TV Clary Aegisdea TV Clary kat

Clary Fray will be played by/ kommer att spelas av Kat McNamara! Exactly what I figured Clary would look like!

TV JaceTV Jace Dom

Jace will be played by/kommer spelas av Dominic Sherwood. The two different coloured eyes are intriguing.

TV SimonTV Simon Alberto

Simon Lewis will be played by/ kommer spelas av Alberto Rosende. Getting into characted and I’m buying it!

TV AlecTV Alec Matthew

Alec Lightwood will be played by/kommer spelas av Matthew Daddario. Cassies own suggestion for the part!

TV IzzyTV Izzy Emeraude

Isabelle Lightwood will be played by/ kommer spelas av Emeraude Toubia. Smokin!

Det var de charaktärer jag hinner med idag- fler kommer snart, lovar.

Those were all the characters I had time for today- more to come soon, I promise!

Bäst att följa Twitterflödet ikväll för då kommer vi få veta vem som ska spela Raphael Santiago i kommande TV serien Shadowhunters!

Raphale October

Better stay tuned to Twitter tonight as they will announce who has been cast as Raphael Santiago in the upcoming TV show by ABC Family Shadowhunters.

Amazing illustration by Cassandra Jean


Nu har jag fått Windows uppdaterat till 11 så nu hoppas jag kunna uppdatera bloggen normalt igen.

Den ville ju inte lägga in bilder sist och det är ju synd nu när vi fått hella rollbesättningen till TV serien Shadowhunters tillsatt och de är rykande heta hela högen! Bilder kommer strax.


Now I’ve got Windows updated to 11 and fingers crossed, all functionalities are back to normal again.

I couldn’t add any pictures last time I tried and that’s such a shame since the full cast of Shadowhunters, the TV show is in place now. And it’s a smoking hot cast for sure, picures will follow shortly!