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Posted: 2013/02/22 in Books, Fan Art
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Yesterday we had the amazing Clockwork Prinsess book trailer. Any thoughts? To quote MundiMoms “Team Tessa!”. The Jem and Will inte the trailer was not at all what I imagined- but Tessa! She’s always been my favorite female character of Cassandras.
Anyway here’s a snippet from the same book posted yesterday by Mrs Clare on Tumblr:

Charlotte shook her head. “There is a need here for mercy and pity. Jessamine is not what she once was- as any of you would know if you had visited her in the Silent City”

“I have no wish to visit with traitors,” said Will
Igår fick vi för första gången se den fantastiska trailern för boken Clockwork Princess. Har ni några åsiker/tankar om den? Jag tycker som MundiMoms uttryckte det: “Team Tessa!” Tycker inte Jem och Will var som jag föresställt mig dem, men Tessa var otrolig. Men då har jag alltid gillat Tessa mest av Cassandras karaktärer.
Här ovan kan ni se ett citat som lades upp på fru Clares Tumblr igår.

Cute Fanart by Street-Angel
Söt fanart av Street-Angel

  1. theflameswithin says:

    I have been waiting for this book to be released for EVER!

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