I am coming

Posted: 2013/05/17 in Books, Fan Art
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A new quote from City of Heavenly Fire was posted on Cassandra’s Tumblr yesterday
Ett nytt utdrag ur kommande City of Heavenly Fire postades igår på Cassandras Tumblr

“Atop the wings was a folded piece of paper, addressed to the New York Institute. After splashing water on her face, Maryse had taken the letter and read it. It was short – one sentence – and was signed with a name in a handwriting oddly familiar to her, for in it there was an echo of Valentine’s cursive, the flourishes of his letters, the strong, steady hand. But it was not Valentine’s name. It was his son’s.
Jonathan Christopher Morgenstern.
She held it out to Brother Zachariah. He took it from her fingers and opened it, reading, as she had, the single word of Ancient Greek scrawled in elaborate script across the top of the page.
Erchomai, it said.
I am coming ”

Oooooh, Jonathan!


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