Make-up matters in City of Bones

Posted: 2013/09/09 in Movies
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Publikationen Make-Up Artist Magazine har delat med sig av vad som pågick bakom kulisserna avseende den make-up som användes under inspelningen av Stad av skuggor.
De delade med sig av bilder på ritningar av hur man tänkt sig vissa varelser, såsom The Silent Brothers,demoner och vampyrer skulle se ut och hur slutresultatet blev. Ett citat ur tidningen där man omtalar Magnus party:

“The film’s physical creatures were built by make-up effects veteran Paul Jones (Silent Hill, Defiance), with designs contributed by concept artist Martin Mercer. Unlike other genre projects, where the monsters have a much more obvious presence, the challenge on this film was to create a range of supernatural characters that may not be as obvious at first. “There’s a great scene where Clary goes to Magnus Bane’s house [where there’s] a party,” explains Jones, “and I would say about 70 percent of the guests are human and the other 30 percent are human-ish, so they all have something slightly off about them.”

The quote aboave is taken from the Make-Up Artist Magazine, describing attendants to Magnus Bane’s party. The magazine also shared some concept drawings and how the finished makeup turned out on The Silent Brothers and a demon.


Read the full article here. Läs hela artikeln här.


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