‘City of Ashes’ Write-In Campaign

Posted: 2013/09/23 in Uncategorized

Jättebra initiativ av TMI Source, Mundie Moms, Fangirlish mfl. Skriv till Constantin Film på ett vykort eller brev att ni vill ha Stad av skuggor inspelad när rätt manus är på plats. Adresser listade i ursprungs inlägget.

TMI Source

city of ashes cut

Shadowhunters! We’ve teamed up with Mortal Instruments fan sites around the world to show support for City of Ashes with a City of Ashes Write-In Campaign. And we need your help!

What is a Write-In Campaign? That means no emails — just good, old-fashioned letters and postcards — that we’ll send to Constantin Film, Sony Pictures, eOne films and other distributors.

Here is where you come in. We need you to write a letter or send a postcard saying something along the lines of WE WANT CITY OF ASHES or PLEASE MAKE CITY OF ASHES and send it to your distributor (addresses are listed below). If you can’t send your letter, you can email your message to us (mortalinstrumentssource@gmail.com) along with your distributor, and we will send it for you!

Let’s show the power of Shadowhunters and our fandom!




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