Lily Collins looking like a punk rocker in Flaunt Magazine

Posted: 2013/09/24 in Uncategorized
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Flaunt Magazine har Lily Collins på sitt omslag nu i september. Hon ser helvild ut i blå moikanfrisyr och grym punk attityd. Läs hela artikeln här.

Lily Collins is on the cover of the Spetember issue of Flunt Magazine. Looking totally badass and sporting a blue mohawk. Read the whole article here.

“I didn’t have a goth phase,” she admits, although she’s dabbled in the occult-ish. “My mom and I would always visit churches when I was traveling, and I was always interested in the darker side of things and the darker side of fairy tales.” For someone who probably doesn’t wear knee-high boots and carry a sword in her off time, she sounds genuinely enthused about Comic-Con. “I’m excited. I wanna see all the madness and be a part of it but also witness all the crazy.”

Lily Flaunt

Lily Flaunt 4

Lily Flaunt3

Lily Flaunt5

Lily Flaunt6

Lily Flaunt7

Lily Flaunt 2


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