Tessa Grey in The Last Stand of the New York Institute

Posted: 2013/12/30 in Books, Technology
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Här kommer ett citat ur den senaste Bane Chronicles novellen, The Last Stand of the New York Institute,
som finns ute nu, hos t ex CDON. Det är karaktären Tessa Grey som funderar över Stephen Herondale.

Here a quote from the lastest novella in the Bane Chronicles,The Last Stand of the New York Institute. It’s available now in Sweden at for instance CDON.

“Stephen Herondale would have killed me if he’d ever met me. I would not have been safe living among people like you, or like him. I am the wife and mother of warriors who fought and died and never dishonored themselves as you have. I have worn gear, wielded blades, and slain demons, and all I wished was to overcome evil so that I could live and be happy with those I loved. I’d hoped I had made this a better, safer world for my children. Because of Valentine’s Circle, the Herondale line, the line that was my son’s children’s children, is finished. That happened through you and your Circle and your husband. Stephen Herondale died with hate in his heart and the blood of my people on his hands. I can imagine no more horrible way for mine and Will’s line to end. I will have to carry for the rest of my life the wound of what Valentine’s Circle has done to me, and I will live forever.”
— Tessa Gray, The Last Stand of the New York Institute


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