Malec in next Bane Chronicle snippet

Posted: 2014/02/20 in Books, Technology
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Här kommer ett smakprov från nästa del av The Bane Chronicles som kommer att heta The Course of True Love. E-novellen kommer släppas i Mars och citatet tyder på att det går hett till på Alec och Magnus första date!

A really hot snippet from the upcoming e-novella, The Course of True Love, from the Bane Chronicles series, due out in March. Some steam on Alec’s and Magnus’ first date.

The kiss caught fire and all he could see behind his closed eyes were gold sparks, all he was aware of was Alec’s mouth, Alec’s strong gentle hands that had held down a werewolf and tried not to hurt her, Alec pressing him against the banister so the rotten wood creaked alarmingly and Magnus did not even care. Alec here, Alec now, the taste of Alec in his mouth, his hands pushing aside the fabric of his own worn t-shirt to get at Alec’s bare skin underneath.


Art by/illustration av Cassandra Jean


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