CoHF collection of spoilery illustations

Posted: 2014/04/29 in Books, Fan Art
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Hej, då var det #TMITuesday igen och jag tänkte släga ihop lite illustationer från City of Heavenly Fire, som även kan vara liter spoiler aktiga- så ni som inget vill veta i förväg, sluta titta nu!

Since it’s #TMITuesday again I thought I’d post a collection of spoilery illustation from City of Heavenly Fire. If you don’t want to know anything in advance, stop reading/ looking now.

Alla/all illustrations av/by Cassandra Jean

Jace and Clary
Jace Jem
Jace and Jem!
Emma Clary
Small Emma and Clary
TMI Tuesday
Luke, Magnus & Raphael
CoHF ill1
The Blackthorns & Emma in Idris
CoHF ill4
CoHF ill5
CoHF ill6
Jace & Jem again

And some steamy pictures! Och lite heta bilder!
Isabelle & Simon, Alec at the door.
Malec! Alec and Magnus
CoHF ill3
Clary and Jace- this will happen!

Finally, on a sad note. Sorgligare bilder på slutet
CoHF ill2
CoHF illustration


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