Late TMI Tuesday

Posted: 2014/05/07 in Books, Fan Art
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Jo det var ju Tisdag igår men bättre sent än aldrig. Här kommer två nya bilder från de teckningar som pryder insidan av City of Heavenly Fires omslag.
Illustrationerna är gjorda av Cliff Nielsen och igår avslöjades Simon och Maia med lite tillhörande citat. Ni glömmer inte att besöka den här sidan för att ta del av nyheter och vara med i tävlingen som pågår?

Yes Tuesday was yesterday but better late than never. Two new illustrations from the inside jacket of City of Heavenly Fire was published. This time Siomon and Maia with matching quotes. Illustrations by Cliff Nielsen.
You’r not forgetting to visit this page for more reveals and the sweepstake are you?


“Jace told me once you’d walk all over my heart in high-heeled boots, and it hasn’t stopped me.”
“Our love is forbidden like the love of a shark and a—and a shark hunter. But that’s what makes it special.”
“’Kind of looks like something out of World of Warcraft, doesn’t it?’ he said, gesturing around them at the blasted landscape, the ash-torn sky. ‘Only, you can’t just turn it off to get away.’


“Some people see a power vacuum and they want to fill it. They don’t care who they hurt.”
“Strength is loyalty and unity, not dividing people with lies.”
“Everyone should die with someone holding onto them.”


One character missing still!

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