New TDA snippet

Posted: 2014/08/14 in Books
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Ja jag är borta superlänge hela tiden, men nu har det varit semester och så ska man ta igen 4 veckors frånvaro på några sekunder…
Här kommer i vilket fall ett nytt citat från den kommand serien The Dark Artifices.

She had wondered, when he’d looked into her eyes and said that he’s had to learn to make do without mirrors in the Wild Hunt, whose eyes he’d been looking into for all those years. Who’d been his mirror.

Now she knew.

Yes I’m sorry for staying away for such long intervals. Now there has been the holidays and this week a matter of catching up with 4 weeks undone work i a matter of seconds…
Anyway, here’s a new unidentified snippet from the upcoming Dark Artifices series.

Seems I cannot upload pictures right now… makes for a very boring blogg…
Det verkar som om jag inte kan ladda upp några bilder just nu… då blir det ju en riktigt tråkigt blogg tyvär…


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