Dark Artifice snippet

Posted: 2014/10/22 in Books, Fan Art
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Ja, återigen tillbaka med ett citat, från The Dark Artifice serien denna gång.
Tyvärr kommer jag inte ha så mycket tid att lägga på bloggen framöver vad det verkar. Ska dock skriva ett inlägg om vad jag snöat in på senast så vet ni vad jag funderar på just nu i alla fall.

“I know things haven’t been exactly right between us since I got back from England,” he said. “And I don’t know if it’s because I’m a little jealous of Cristina, or a lot jealous of —“

“JULIAN,” Emma said

Well finally back with a new quote from The Dark Artifices. I probably won’t have much time to spend on the blogg onwards, but I’ll make a post about what occupies my nerdy mind right now, for those of you who wants to know.


As per usual beautiful illustation by Cassandra Jean


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