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Ja, återigen tillbaka med ett citat, från The Dark Artifice serien denna gång.
Tyvärr kommer jag inte ha så mycket tid att lägga på bloggen framöver vad det verkar. Ska dock skriva ett inlägg om vad jag snöat in på senast så vet ni vad jag funderar på just nu i alla fall.

“I know things haven’t been exactly right between us since I got back from England,” he said. “And I don’t know if it’s because I’m a little jealous of Cristina, or a lot jealous of —“

“JULIAN,” Emma said

Well finally back with a new quote from The Dark Artifices. I probably won’t have much time to spend on the blogg onwards, but I’ll make a post about what occupies my nerdy mind right now, for those of you who wants to know.


As per usual beautiful illustation by Cassandra Jean


Ja jag vet att jag är superdålig på bloggen nu. Datorn jag använder har strulat något förbaskat- men förhoppningsvis ska det funka bättre ett tag nu.
Här kommer ett nytt citat från The Dark Artifice serien, med Emma i.

So I’ve been terrible with the blog lately, but the computer I’m using has been acting up big time. Hopefully I’m back for a while now.
So here’s a new snippet from The Dark Artifices, involving Emma

“Do I?” Diana leaned back in her chair, tapping her pencil against the back of her right hand, where the Rune of Sight was inked. Every Shadowhunter had a Voyance rune on their dominant hand, allowing them to see through glamours. Emma’s was on her left. “Well, if I know what you did, and you know what you did, maybe you should tell me what your punishment should be?”

“I should have to take care of a box of kittens,” Emma said immediately. “Definitely a box of kittens. You know how cruel kittens are, with their tiny little claws and terrible attitudes.”

Emma June

Art/Illustration by/av Cassandra Jean


När jag ändå är i farten slänger jag in ett par citat från Lady Midnight, den första boken i kommande The Dark Artifices serien.

While I’m at it I’m trowing in a couple of snippets from Lady Midnight, the first book in the upcoming The Dark Artifices series.

Emma swallowed. She was remembering Julian, two years ago, standing in the overlapping circles of fire where the parabatai ritual was performed. The look on his face as they each stepped into the central circle and the fire rose up around them, and he unbuttoned his shirt to let her touch the stele to his skin and carve the rune that would bind them together for their whole lives. She knew if she just reached out now, she could touch it, touch the rune cut into his shoulder, the rune she had put there …

Mark whirled on them. His eyes were blind, unseeing. “You bring the twins in front of me and you kill them over and over. My Ty, he doesn’t understand why I can’t save him. You bring me Dru and when she laughs to see the fairytale castle, all ringed round with hedges, you throw her against the thorns until their pierce her small body. And you bid me wash in Octavian’s blood for the blood of an innocent child is magic under the Hill.


Jodå. Jag läste ut City of Heavenly Fire redan under Midsommar helgen. Men kunde inte greppa mina tankar ordentligt efter det. Jag tycker CoHF är en helt underbar bok och det bästa och jobbigaste med den är att man vill läsa Lady Midnight, den första av TDA böckerna nu! Vilken frustration att vänta ända tills nästa höst, aaaaaaagh!
Tänker inte skriva något om vad som var bäst mer än i allmänna ordalag. Jag älskar hur Cassies historia tar de mest oväntade svängar och att det är nagelbitar spännande HELA tiden! Karaktärerna har man ju fäst sig vid för länge sedan, men introduktionen av Emma och Julian får en att längta efter mer och fler skuggjägare i mitt liv!!

CoHF ill1

Oh yes- finished reading CoHF over two weeks ago but haven’t been able to wrap my head around what I thought. I really think CoHF is an amazing book, av very good finale to TMI. The best and also the most frustrating thing about it is that I acnnot wait to read Lady Midnight, the first installment of the TDA series. The immense frustration of knowing I have to wait until next fall, aaargh!!!
I’m not going to write anything specific or spoilery about CoHF. I’m so impressed with the way Cassie keeps up the adventure and unexpected turns troughout the story. I love all the characters since way back but the introduction of Emma and Julian really made me crave for more Shadowhunters in my life!

CoHF Jace fireCoHF jace flame

Superb illustations by Cassandra Jean

Tre nya tarot kort av Cassandra Jean för två och tre ringar. Som två av ringar har vi Sebastian och Jace, avbildade som en sorts Yin & Yang, mörkt & ljust.

More Cassandra Jean Tarot cards starting off with Sebastian & Jace as two of Rings. They are depicted as kind of a Yin & Yang, dark versus light.


Then we have small Emma and her dad John Carstair as three of rings. Below is a rejected picture showing Jem teaching Emma how to play the violin. It got confusing with a world were all TMI characters lived at once so it was replace by the Emma & John one.

Som tre av Ringar har vi lilla Emma och hennes pappa John Carstair. Bilden nedan, där Jem lär Emma att spela fiol, blev inte använd eftersom det blir lätt förvirrande med en värld där alla The Mortal Instruments karaktärerna lever samtidigt.




A weekends worth of Cassandra Jeans Tarot cards! Lovely pictures of the main protagonists in the upcoming The Dark Articices series, Emma Carstair and Julian Blackthorn.
I really love the card of Emma as Queen of Runes but unfortunately it will not make the final set as Cassandra and Cassandra decided to keep the suits within the different Shadowhunter families.

Här kommer helgens tre Tarot kort på en gång. Det är huvudpersonerna i den kommande serien The Dark Artifices, Emma Carstair och Julian Blackthorn som de föreställer, underbara!
Jag gillar speciellt kortet med Emma som Drottningen av Runor, men tyvärr kommer inte det inkluderas i kortserien eftersom Cassandra och Cassandra bestämmt sig för att hålla ihop sviterna inom de olika Skuggjägar familjerna.